Time travelling with intention

So I am home, jet lagged and little journey battered. Being the 1st to travel from Jaisalmer to Delhi meant I had three flights instead of two. I had also reduced 19 hours on the train to 2 hours on the plane. The wonders of technology. As I woke this morning I had purposefully chosen a piece of music I listened to on the train to Ahmedabad. Colette and Nawab were both asleep, I was wide-awake and purposefully made a memory. As I listen to the music while the train rocked from side to side I intentionally looked out at the landscape in order to be taken back to that time whenever I want. I can remember how I felt, so excited, so full of joy, so very happy to be right where I was. Now listeni

Platinum, Gold or Silver

Emirates have upgraded me to Silver. So why have we not upgraded our linings? And in terms of ankle bracelets in India, silver is still preferred over gold or even platinum. Supposedly inauspicious if you wear gold yet gold is the standard we hold precious. Standing in line, even though I’ve checked in online, people remind me of the world I’m returning too and a prayer comes to mind Grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Usually ‘God’ is placed at the front although ‘Shiva’ would be my preferred deity now. God of creation and destructive, destructive creativity. My prayer today would be... Gr

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