All my troubles seem to converge, take my mind away from the walk I was on, and a calamity occurred. I was out on a dog walk with Tess, standing up at the top of the hill, playfully trying to aim for the concrete on the path. When I used to live in Cornwall i went on dog walks with a friend who was a dog trainer. There she was saying the walk is for The dog, to give them exercise, socialise, smell the breeze, and things like ball throws is really all about them. However, invariably we would end up finding a spot, standing at a distance, and then try to aim the ball at the spot and the loser buys the pints of Rattler in the pub on the way home. Well this memory came to mind, as I stood at t

Progress is like watching paint dry...'s all about being patient. In these days of winter, slowly noticing the days getting longer, my heart leaps with excitement at what lies ahead. The Mantra Tour has been announced and our followers are growing by the day. Not wanting to give too much away now, it's shaping up beautifully. We hope to cover some ground, from Scotland to Cornwall, all will be revealed soon. Would you like to be informed? Our roving reporter in Jaisalmer, Sourabh Goswami has moved into his new office in town and already it seems to be a very excellent new location. In the heart of Jaisalmer, by the main gate to the Fort, he's made some very influential new contacts. I"ll wait for him to make the announcem

My epiphany on epiphany

Make friends with family and be like family with friends. Make space for change and embrace all it brings. It struck me this holiday how things take time, sometimes years, and we cannot predict when change will come. Yet in those moments when the opportunity comes to acknowledge great truths which enable us all the chance to move on, be ready. I rode the wobble board of emotions this holiday for numerous reasons and feel grateful to have the sense of awareness to have made positive choices that meant great changes have occurred in relationships around me. Time will tell if there is more to unravel. At least for now another level of awareness has been achieved through the bitter sweet sense g

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