From chaos to clarity via compost

I’ve been wanting to re-connect with my knowledge of growing plants either as nutritious food or abundant flower arrangements to brighten my home, for a few years now. Building my practice The Relaxation Room has kept me busy, so it's been with enthusiasm, after a chance conversation with a colleague, that i'm taking on an allotment, perfectly timed for the biodynamic gardening course I am now attending for the next few months. Vivian, from the Biodynamic group at Brantwood Coniston, Ruskin s home overlooking Coniston Water, is a mind of information and gave us an illuminating day learning about soil, compost and the Biodynamic preparations. I found out about the course from the Biodynamic A


Today I was talking to a colleague and thought, I know what I want when I think of having a relaxing weekend away, time to just chill, a spa, a treatment. And then it struck me. For too long now I've been drilled down into explaining what I do from what I do not what I offer. Do clients really book me for being an Holistic Practitioner qualified in Body Massage, or do they rebook when they feel the difference 23 years experience brings? As a friend of mine keeps telling me in terms of marketing; 'sell the sizzle, not the sausage' So, as a way of answering my own question I thought, who do I want to see, what do they want to receive and when? And coupled with one of Grange Hotel's Februar

Wild about Rose

The untamed beauty with harmony as its strength Queen of flowers, ambassador of love, symbol of beauty and purity – no other flower fascinates us as eternally as the rose. It’s no wonder that the rose enjoys almost legendary status among flowers - even the ancient Babylonians cultivated rose blooms to produce scented ointments from their petals. In early China roses were specifically grown in terraced plots, as they knew about their regenerating effect. At the time of the great Emperor Charlemagne, people used rose petals for gargling and for healing baths, while distillation of precious rose oil was probably invented in Persia. The essential oil was considered extremely valuable as its reco

Marvellous Mallow

A protective barrier to promote healthy skin formation Calms and soothes senses and skin The white mallow’s beneficial properties are show in its botanical name. Althaea derives from the Greek and means 'curing'. White mallow was used as a healing plant in ancient times in China, Syria, Egypt and Greece, and was probably brought to Central Europe only in the Middle Ages to coincide with the beginning of settled agriculture. Nowadays it is cultivated on salty soils in coastal regions. At first glance, it is a rather delicate plant, but the white mallow can withstand lack of water and heat easily. Gel-like substances in the roots and flowers protect the plant from drying out and the high conce

Wonderful Wheat

A structuring and balancing helper for our scalp With upright stems and typical compact spikes, wheat is often considered as the essential grain. Also described as the ‘cereal of the centre’. It stands poised between cosmos and earth, exemplifying the balanced interaction between all the elemental forces – earth, water, air and fire. This results in a particularly rich formation of substance and silicic acid. Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history, behind only corn for widespread cultivation. Getreide, the German word for cereal, was written as gitregidi in Old High German, meaning ‘possession’, ‘yield’ or ‘that which is carried’. The yield is most strongly epitomised

Sensational Seabuck Thorn

A power-packed berry with an invigorating effect on vitality Stubbornly clinging to the rocky soil as its thick roots penetrate barren ground, the sea buckthorn is a survivor and pioneer which needs little to flourish. Throughout its entire growth cycle, sea buckthorn demonstrates an ability to combine vitality and life force. This is also reflected in the root system, spreading up to a radius of 12 metres. It can thrive in sparse, almost hostile, porous soil without taking any nourishment from the ground, easily mastering such challenging growing conditions. But sea buckthorn asks for one essential: sunlight. The defensive bush with its hard, pointed leaves and numerous spines is a real sun

Restorative Rosemary

Rosemary helps with digestion, circulation and lifting the spirits Rosemary is a hardy plant, but with a poetic name. Ros marinus comes from Latin and means ‘dew of the sea’. In ancient times, rosemary was dedicated to the gods, especially the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, which is why it was also considered a symbol of love. The plant is at home in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, from Portugal to the Ionian Islands. Evergreen and low-growing, it loves hot, dry locations, but if need be can resist extreme cold. Temperatures of down to -20 degrees do not seem to harm it. Excellent qualities of rosemary oil Although the ancient Greeks valued it as a symbol and cult plant, they s

Passion about Pomegranate

An expert in balancing extremes, stimulating and regenerating life A symbol of beauty and strength In many cultures the pomegranate has been familiar for thousands of years. Originating from the ancient Persian Empire, which included modern-day Greece, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, it is still primarily cultivated in the Mediterranean, in the Middle East and India. In these cultures the fruit has been seen as a symbol of beauty, fertility, sensuality and strength since ancient times. The plant itself can reach quite a respectable age – some specimens are over 200 years old. In recent years the fruit of the pomegranate has been re-discovered for cooking and new cosmetics. Scientifically proven prope

Outstanding Oats

Nourishing and restorative properties to leave your hair smooth and shiny In age-old wisdom, oats are known as a grain that gives humans power. When it comes to harvest-time, oats – native to northern climes – are the last crop to be brought in from the fields, using the extra time to absorb and store sunlight, air and heat. The element of water is of great importance to the life energy of oats. Because of its powerful root system and long growing time in the fields, oats absorb large volumes of water from the soil, taking in valuable silica in liquid form as they grow. In comparison with other cereal types, oats’ intense powers of absorption of the two extremes (heat and water) and their ab

Miraculous Millet

This miracle of nourishing richness maintains healthy hair and scalp Long forgotten, millet has been restored to its rightful place as a miracle of nutrient richness. It's a native of hot regions, with a long, slender, smooth stalk and linear growth entirely designed to absorb cosmic light, solar rays, air, and extreme heat. In nature, exposure to such extreme light and dry air would normally result in withering, but to protect itself from drying out, millet creates a protective silicic acid layer, most noticeable in the husks. It's this special facility which gives millet extraordinarily strong preservative and protective powers. Building Strength from nature The anthroposophical principle

Lovely Lavender

A relaxation wonder that soothes body and soul Deep blue fields as far as the eye can see. A warm wind touches the flower heads and disperses the intense lavender scent through a quiet landscape. A typical holiday scene from French Provence? Well, not necessarily – because on the black soil of Moldova lavender also grows extremely well. We work in partnership with 300 small Moldovan farmers, and from their harvest derive the essential oil of lavender which gives its soothing scent to many of our products. A classic in aromatherapy The silvery-leaved shrub has been valued since ancient times as a bathing and washing additive, with a relaxing and calming effect. The name lavender probably come


Maintains the balance of extreme dryness and moisture in the skin Iris has a long history as an admired ornamental plant, but its qualities as a medicinal plant have also been known since ancient times. Iris even received royal honour – she graces the famous coat of arms of the French royal House of Bourbon. For us, iris has also proven itself over many years with an extraordinary ability: its vigorous rootstock can retain moisture so well that iris plants remain balanced even in periods of extreme wet or drought. Iris carefully maintains water balance through a constant process of generating, collecting, retaining and storing moisture, with water-retaining mucilage and absorbent substances

Evening Primrose

Helps stimulate the natural defence and restorative processes of mature skin Although it grows on unpromising, dry and compacted soil, the evening primrose’s beautiful blossoms open up rapidly and completely, within a few minutes as dusk falls. They stay open for the entire night and the following morning, large golden blossoms illuminating the darkness of their surroundings and emerging beaming out of the darkness at dawn. In her growth and blossoming, the evening primrose connects the old day with the new. The evening primrose (oenothera biennis) originates in North America and was used by the Native Americans as a nutritional and medicinal plant. It was often used as a tea, in hot water,


The lemon’s refreshing and invigorating properties revive and lift our spirits A source of vitamin C It’s common knowledge that this bitter fruit is literally full to the brim with vitamin C. Lemon juice has been proven as a home remedy for colds, with its defensive effect. Hot lemon with honey refreshes and gives new strength and the more mature a lemon is, the more intense the fruit acid and the more it unfolds its astringent, clarifying and refreshing effect, giving you new vitality - from the inside as from the outside. Wake up your senses The scent is unmistakable. It acts as a wake-up call to our senses, gives us clarity and ease – the fresh aroma of lemon is as invigorating as its vib


Full of ingredients to give new impetus and energy to our own systems Just as birdsong heralds the spring, the young leaves of the birch show the freshness, vitality and light of new growth, making this slender tree with its white grained bark a real symbol of spring. Between May and June, the birch pushes out strong growth, full of ingredients that also give new impetus and energy to our own systems. Associated with the beautiful feathered Norse goddess Freya, the birch was ordained a sacred tree and enjoyed a virtuous reputation in the popular belief of German and Slavonic people. Bringing a birch tree to the village, as a symbol of the awakening spring, is a custom that has survived to th


A garden favourite with great healing, soothing and restorative properties The calendula plant, known affectionately as marigold, pot marigold, or common marigold is an essential feature of healing and ornamental gardens, as well as a popular garden flower. Hardly any other plant is as versatile and effective, which is why we have been cultivating it for its healing powers in our medicinal gardens for more than 80 years. Calendula was not only popular as a medicinal plant. The radiant, sunny and vigorous flowers were also common as an ornamental plant among the Greeks and Romans, Indians and Arabs. The golden dye of calendula has long been used for fabrics, foods and cosmetics and in Europe,

The A - Z of Weleda - Almond

Lends the skin protection and restores its natural beauty A feast for the eye A sumptuous sea of flowers in white and pink – the annual blossoming of almond trees is a real feast for the eye. For over 4,000 years, people have been cultivating this graceful tree with its precious stone fruits. It feels particularly at home in the Mediterranean, in California, but also in East and Central Asia. The nature of the almond is shown in a harmonious relationship between the healthy, all-protecting shell on the outside, protecting a robust kernel, rich in oil and nutrients, on the inside. Full of healthy ingredients The almond is full of minerals and vitamins. It provides unsaturated fatty acids, hig

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