Sour then Sweet

Lots of references to food in my posts and now not sure if that's my Earth (or is it Wood Element - I have so much to remember); definitely part of being Taurean or maybe a lack of self care over the last few months. Spring has come to my house, and although the heating still being on reflects how autumnal the weather has been, the process of clearing out lifts the mood and feels cathartic. That is until you find a journal, a record of past times and the best friend you could ever have in a window into the past, a true reflection not the one your memory has a habit of trying to convince you of. 'Beginner's Mind' as we say in Mindfulness Practice, Shoshin is a practice of paying attention t

Birth and Death x 3

Illuminating conversation in the Post Office Shop queue this morning. Many might have let it go, but when after cheerily giving a greeting of Hello to the waiting few I over heard, 'well there are so many people in the village now who aren't local". So with a smile and an open heart, as I slipped into my place at the back of the queue I was heard to say 'Oh, if you go back far enough, we're all not local'. The illumination came from the responses. "No lass, you have to have 3 generations in the graveyard to be local", "Mind you, maybe best, stops inbreeding", and "how many of us are their left', from the lady who would not look at me when I was telling them about my family grave over the

Greater than...

What's the expression? The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, this phrase aptly defines the modern concept of synergy. My waking thoughts this morning after a late night chat with Samantha about The Mantra Tour. Another week of missed opportunities, phone calls not returned, emails unanswered. I must have been soul searching in my sleep to wake to thinking this. The concept that something is more important as a whole than each individual element that makes up the whole. Something I have been putting my mind to for many years now in holding space for people to come together, as working teams, anticipated creative genius moments, alive and

Chewing Gum for the Soul

You know that feeling when all you wanted was fresh breath, you were distracting yourself from wanting to eat something else, trying to give up smoking and you don’t like the gum with the nicotine? Have you noticed how your stomach rumbles, anticipating food that it thinks it is receiving from all that chewing? I’ve been to have massage pretty much the same. It leaves you wanting. It leaves your soul aching for the sense for nourishment. Touch so deep it reaches your soul. That’s our promise, no chewing gum for the soul, a deeper connection to support you to return to your inner self

“I love our...” a new series of insights

We get asked a lot to explain what we do, how we offer it to clients and why we encourage people to take time to visit us. I hope these “I love our...” series will illuminate you. And today, I love our...Laura. Laura and I met at a networking event. In a cheese shop in Kirby Lonsdale. We both weren’t going to go yet something inspired us both, and we may not have met if we both didn’t push ourselves to attend. I think it was July, and it’s must ve been about 6 years ago. And we ve been colleagues ever since. During the past 12 years I’ve made some firm friends from people I’ve worked with, people I trust implicitly and in answer to “ who massages the masseur?” Well, that d be our Laura an

Creating space...literally

Today is definately one of those days I feel thankful for my skills set. I can work in absolute chaos, with a steely eye for detail, I can cut through to get the job done successfully. Currently I'm doing just that with boxes of paperwork to shred, old accounts and client records out of storage; a material stash for patchwork to rearrange now I have finally transferred some furniture out of before mentioned storage, and to ignore my latest knitting project that is liable to distract me from managing my new online booking system. The day was planned until this morning when I checked; 2 people had made late bookings and another one called to squeeze in early evening as they are at a conferen

What is Prime Well Being ?

Prime Wellbeing is the culmination of 23 years of research and dedication to the practice of well being. Owned by Catherine Hunt, Specialist Health and Wellbeing practitioner, can offer you solutions to support you, your colleagues and staff to better maintain Work:Life Balance. Qualified since 1995, with a highly regarded professional reputation, Catherine's ability to care and assist is outstanding. What does Prime Wellbeing Offer? At Prime Wellbeing, we provide a number of services, all designed with an holistic approach to health and well being. The Relaxation Room - Part of Prime Wellbeing The Spa at Grange Hotel Based at the beautiful Grange Hotel in Grange over Sands in the Lake Distr

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