Weleda Delivered to You? Who knew...

You know how it is, you get home, you remember you haven't bought that vital item, so you go online, search for your beloved product and most likely you'll get the big hitters first and it's delivered in a few days. It's not just me living in a rural setting, unless you have a very well stocked local shop, you might have to go online for those specialist products. So, next time it's for toothpaste, face cream, sleeping pills or bubble bath, think again. If you've been to see me at Grange Hotel or we've met in a field at an event, you'll know Weleda or at least your body will remember being anointed with it. From the comfort of your sun lounger this summer bank holiday you too can grab your

Why have 1 when you can have 3 all at once...#cleanerbeauty tales

It's been a big week. #cleanerbeauty campaign has been a global love fest for all those involved inspiring everyone to #beinformed. Me? I've been doing my bit online with blogs and posts... well, not on Wednesday or Thursday to be fair and so, today lucky you, you're getting #4 and #5 in the #5toptips all together #4 has to be...regular smelly sessions The power of scent on mind and body to heal I give with my mind and body in my practice a a Practitioner and love my regular bath soaks. My choice is the beautiful mix of Lavender, Rosemary and Arnica in our Arnica Bath Soak . For its healing qualities of the essential oils and Arnica and for the bliss it brings through the olfactory senses p

Watch our for imposters and have a #cleanerbeauty regime

5 Top Tips from the Wonderful World of Weleda showcasing our #cleanerbeauty campaign, 14th - 18th May It's be great to see all the blogs this week talking about all the amazingly beautiful natural organic, ethically sourced and sustainably grown products, businesses and ethos in looking after our beautiful planet while we look after ourselves. Yet, what is there being said about imposters, the greenscaping, the hoodwinking of policies in the pursuit of profit. Every penny you spend has a profit percentage within the price tag. The profit on top of the cost of the production of the product is part of running a sustainable business, and if a percentage of that profit is fed back into the com

#CleanerBeauty Beautiful Birch

5 Top Tips from the Wonderful World of Weleda showcasing our #cleanerbeauty campaign, 14th - 18th May ​​SMLXL Feeling sluggish? Need that inner burst for summer high spirits? Birch Baby Birch...your inner hero booster and great for bat wing elimination I have fond memories of Birch Trees. The sense of peace walking amongst the sturdy, upright sentinels in the wood, their leaves blowing lightly even in a slight breeze, waving a welcome. Supportive and invigorating. Our best buddy to help eliminate and detox, inside out with elixirs and skin deep with restorative oils. Top Tip Apply the Birch Oil after a shower or after a bath without first drying yourself off completely. The oil will absorb

Giving clients the elbow

I have a reputation, one that grows further each year the more people come to see me. A reputation for the kind of practice that goes deep. Deep penetration with the lightest of touch, relaxation on a scale some people haven't felt for years. So when a client this morning asked for some 'elbow', it was a delight to be able to dust off a technique mastered over the years, one that few seldom ask for on a Relaxation Spa Day. I trained with Darien Pritchard, of Dynamic Massage, at BCMB and it has been said many many times over, his inspiration of using the forearms has extended my practice all these years, and will continue to for many years to come I'm sure. Dynamic Forearm Technique has ins

Me to you?

Reviewing emails, yep - having a virtual spring clean too and found this recent quote from a recent contract... "Catherine was lovely and I liked what she said about focusing on your breathing and then at the end, about taking this feeling out into the rest of your day. I enjoyed the stretching techniques and also that the massage could be done over your clothes. Using a chair rather than lying on a couch helped stretch you out more, I thought" Did you know that I can travel to you? at your workplace or home, to create a wellbeing day without you having to travel to Grange? Just saying...

It started when I was seven...

Having just spent a few days on a course at LIV called Skin To Soul - Conscious Connecting, I have been reminded of the importance of our spiritual understanding of ourselves and how this affects our health and wellbeing. From the upper layers of our skin in which we live, all the way through to our inner organs, how we connect on a spiritual level to ourselves and others can determine the wealth of this experience. During the course I had a birthday, one which is to me more significant than the big 50 that will be next year. 7 x 7 = 49. That signifies 7 stages of my life. Biographical Counselling, a form of psychology inspired by Anthroposophy, the scientific study of spiritual developme

The light touch so deep it reaches the soul

Making time to develop skills which take my practice to a different level and enrich the quality of touch. When we step out of our daily rhythms to assess our pace of life, we get to sense the depth of touch that feels like nourishment for the soul. Ill be bringing home to the Grange Hotel something extraordinarily enriching. Who’s up for some of that?

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