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I get asked a lot from clients and colleagues, what creates growth in a clinic setting? Many professionals in different trades will say, best is word of mouth recommendations. Well this might work easier if you're plumber, mechanic, in the building trade for instance. There seem to be so many more pitfalls providing such a personal service such as Wellbeing. non medical and not your usual beauty treatment, the mere mention of Holistic might scare people off. Just this morning a colleague suggested we promote Mindfulness at a forthcoming event, "well a lot of people don't like being touched'. As a person who touches people for a living this is very unsettling and I wonder, is there a North/S

Prime Squad...your local superheroes

At the Wellbeing Centre Grange, based at Grange Hotel, we cater for everyone seeking a more holistic approach to Health and Beauty, with a focus on Wellbeing of Mind, Body and Soul. Our mindful practice of person centred treatments enables our clients to take time to address underlying physical and emotional issues. Using advanced techniques carried out by experienced qualified practitioners whether you're wanting massage, nailcare, facials or foot treatments, we offer a world class service. A head to toes list of treatments allowing you the space and time to reconnect to yourself. Prime Wellbeing offers a mobile service for special occasions with our Pop Up Clinics favoured by those pla

Wellbeing Centre, Grange over Sands

Once upon a time...well, back in 2015, in a place not so far away if you live north of Manchester, a young lady continued in her quest. And yes, this isn't your usual looking for a Prince and happily ever afters, although there have been ugly sisters, white steads and intoxicating potions. Feeling like the fairy godmother at times I've held a dream alive and quietly we've been gathering and making progress. A client who found me on the internet and travelled from Wigan to come and see me when I was at the Health Centre Grange inspired me to approach Grange Hotel in January 2015 when I was leaving the clinic space at Merlewood. After 2 years of supporting it's private members in a secl

Summer Sessions in the Sun

Each year since, let's see now, 2003 I've been attending outdoor events and many haven't been that sunny. Mud packs might have been more appropriate for a treatment at some, and there have been others where Aftersun lotion applications were definitely necessary. So far this year, instead of the 8-9 events, I've signed up for just 3 outdoor events. Big Brill Camp in Buckinghamshire, Gathering in the Woods in Cumbria and End of the Road in September at Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset. Less is definately more this year, all uniquely different and yet the service we provide is world class in each location. With the tent pitched, our communal pop up clinic was ready. Most events we just have 2 pra

Stepping Back to Move Forward

In review of the last few months, in the fullness of the spring, the turning towards Summer on Solstice Day, I remember the long damp cold Winter we have experienced in Cumbria. For me, there was a lot of darkness, personally in my purpose as a wellbeing practitioner, in an industry fast on supporting competitive practice to out do for the highest profit gain.  Where do I fit as someone promoting healthy supply chains, wanting the authentic ethical and sustainable, not just the hype of the latest buzz words and trendy brigade who think that's the way of things to succeed? Living spiritually, what does that mean now? And does it matter? How do we find our own spirit level to keep ourselves in

Amazing Arnica

The guardian and healer of muscles and bruises The sunny yellow arnica plant thrives in natural mountain meadows and calcium-poor peat soils. The earliest recorded reference to this plant comes in the writings of the 12th century sage and healer Hildegard of Bingen. Arnica’s delicate flowers seem slightly dishevelled and fragile – as if a breath of wind could carry them away. In fact arnica is a very vigorous plant, which grows up to 40 centimetres tall, yet easily survives strong mountain wind. This external resistance is a clear indication of the strong structural forces that arnica carries. About 150 pharmaceutically active ingredients are found in arnica’s flower clusters. Among these ar

Waiting...for a new dawn

Diary post: Oct 29th 2017 Found in my drafts, never posted, still fresh in my mind is that moment standing on the 3rd Floor at Mystic Jaisalmer, listening to the sounds of the emerging day....(and not able to load the video right now...) Each morning the call resounds. Muslims to mosque, the Hindu community start their day and the sweet sounds of tabla and dulcite voices fill the air. I know I’m grateful for another day. And now, Monday 18th June 2018, I wait to hear if Nawab and The Mantra Band will secure their visas for their forthcoming inaugrual tour in the UK. It has been a year in the making, reaching out to new and more familiar contacts, taking the knock backs, of which there have

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