The Wonder of Life

Who wants to understand everything - where there is curiosity there is a magic to be relished Our dreams are a run through. Who wants to remember every emotion we have lived through that day on going to sleep. Who wants to relive those moments in all it's rawness. Images come to us in our dream time to recalibrate. And there are string quartets playing salsa vibes dressed like Zebras.... that must've just been too much cheese before bed Be curious my friends, there is wonder there to be had

Showing Up not showing off

I have friends who say ‘i’ve got your back’. That they are there for me, like family, bonded together, as if we are cut from the same cloth. When we meet new people there is that moment when you hope they will be the same, that their passion matches yours and shared values will play together to form something new. When i first hear musicians, see an artists work, listen to the spoken word, my heart leaps in recognition of this coming together. That moment of pure divine creativity. So it has been with a heavy heart that I have been seeing my way through July this year, a month in which i would have been touring the UK with my musician friends, introducing them to new audiences and cr

#cleanerbeauty...the quest continues

Long before the hashtags were thought up, way before the campaign titles were first uttered we were generating a buzz for an industry that walks it's talk. For the past 23 years of my career, it's something I have done, do everyday and will continue to do after my last client leaves my final clinic, whenever that is. Weleda and I are like old friends. You know the ones, always there for you even if you're not in touch all the time. Like the mate who offers you solace when you've partied a bit too hard or stayed up too late into the night and you're suffering the next day. When you're feeling all dried out from too much sun, tired out from too many hours working and muscles aching from pus

Wonderful Weleda

As I’ll be giving a talk at Thwaite WI on Tuesday here is this months Virtual Event for you to order and have delivered direct to your address Free Sea Buckthorn Oil, great for keeping a suntan, with orders over £50 Other special offers too, check the link for details

Pregnancy and birth

A new life growing and life is changing for a magical adventure Carrying a baby is the most important job in the world and, while it’s a completely natural process, sometimes the sheer scale of it can be overwhelming – especially if this is your first baby. We want to encourage you to look after yourself. A little stillness and peace in each day are going to become increasingly important, and in the natural world, there are many comforting and safe ingredients that feature in our pregnancy and baby ranges. Early days In the first trimester of pregnancy, from conception to three months, there’s much to think about and a lot of adjusting to do. Unfortunately for many mums-to-be, the upheaval i

Spirit Levels

Why does balance matter? and what does it mean to be 'spiritual' these days? There are so many people talking, writing, tweeting about wellness, soul connections, body and soul, nature wisdom and being person centred as a spiritual way of living, but what does it mean? and why is it important? Sally Beamish will forever be an inspiration to me. The memory of meeting her very early one morning at Brantwood, to assist in the Biodynamic preparation for the field, will be treasured. Although at the time I was unaware of my future involvement with the Biodynamic Association and why that memory has awaken in me a passion with purpose. I sometimes wonder why I moved to the Lake District, setting

Love our....Mikey

Met this guy at Gathering in the Woods this year, chance meeting when he came to see his girlfriend in our massage tent. Ended up chatting for hours, musing on many aspects, including the fact we are both Taurean and Roosters - maybe that's why we can both talk so energetically and engage with others. A truly inspiring human being, welcome to the Prime Squad Mikey

Radiance from the inside out

It’s so well-known and so evident, but often we do not notice it – the natural world around us is in a constant state of rhythmic change and progression. And just as the seasons demonstrate the cycle of nature, so our bodies are continuously in a regular rhythm of change. As every seven year cycle is complete, our body cells are renewed themselves and every seven years our consciousness has the opportunity to develop profoundly. Anthroposophy recognises these seven-year cycles dividing our lives, and shows how different aspects of our humanity can be seen to emerge as we develop through them. In the first three seven-year periods (aged 0 to 21), the body develops from babyhood to adulthood.

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