Finding our place in the world

It's been 3 years now since I was looking for a place to practice. From a client's suggestion I phoned and started taking bookings. And since then, many have visited to see me to be treated, helping me feel this sense of belonging to a place, a space in which to further develop my practice to help more people who find their way here. And what is it that I do? I sometimes fall asleep after busy days and wonder, what did I do today? How did I help? and why does what I do have such a bearing in our world today? Am I really doing something that is valuable, or is it just a luxury, a treat to have to celebrate a special occasion. When we become ill there are so many factors to consider. I'm p

This is my mantra...

Many years ago, when I lived in Bristol, I had the great pleasure of being shown a healing technique by Lianne Bethancourt Holmes, a beautiful, caring and inspirational lady. There is a poem we were introduced to, something to remind us all of what this healing can bring into our lives for us and those around us we hold space for to heal. And today, after a long time without thinking about it I wrote these words to a colleague, my own mantra from a combination of aspects I'm working with right now. I have many things to do in a busy life, much I want to do, much i ought to do, much i have to do to be able to show up, to be personable and professional. There is the Weleda Conference wisdom

Let’s talk armpits...

If you ever wanted to try a more natural way without anti perspirants now is a great time Each year Weleda welcomes you to join in our amnesty week and this year it’s all about allowing those pits to sweat Sweating is good for the body but no one wants to be stinky. You may need to allow the process for your body to reclimatise, sometimes longer than a week. But if you manage the process, you ll feel better for using a natural alternative Call me or visit my web shop for more details

In the presence of warriors

I ve had one of those magical days, where time stands still and I witness the majesty of our rich world heritage. It seems there has always been those who rule, those who follow and free thinking artists commissioned to create masterpieces. Standing in front of these Terracotta pieces, life size, grand in their stature, all with their individual expressions, as unique as the visitors to the museum, I stood in wonder as to the years since those artist craftsmen touched and formed their shapes. We truly are living at a remarkable time in world history and I’m glad each day I stay curious

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