Weleda Seasonal Gift Event

Here I am after a small private event at my house. For all those who are familiar with my Facebook posts to our private group, so you won't be disappointed, of course the video starts in my bathroom. And see now, I'm getting brave posting this here out onto tinterweb, so please be kind, goodness knows I've already heard the inner voice confirming clearly those chins come from too many pies... So, what do we have here, does it warrant 10 minutes of your earth minutes? It certainly does if you are interested in hearing about this season's range from Weleda in a way maybe you will never see anywhere else. The additional photos give you the full range and you can visit my Weleda shop from the

Fueled by Faith - business strategy vs vocation

Believing in right time, right place, right action can be a tricky business, it means the hard sell of a business strategy gets lost in the sense of purposely living. Can you sell a spiritual practice? or is it something that you allow to unfurl, like a fern in spring, it takes time to grow, to emerge. As we come into Autumn, anticipating Winter it is with a renewed passion, reignited at our annual conference, that I move into a new phase of being. To offer all that I do to the world around me, in my own way, ignoring the tried and tested sales tactics of business strategy. My 'business' on paper may not work, yet in my heart I feel its worth in the world. And with this passion I am proud t

How the journey began

This time last year, to the date, I was preparing to travel to India, to discover more than I could have ever imagined. And now, preparing for Nawab Khan to arrive for his first UK Tour, my mind returns to last year... Early Birds 6.37 to be precise. The first little peep I heard this morning as I awoke from an anxiety dream, not naked at the airport without a passport, that’s the usual one. First time was when I was 24, heading to St Petersburg with the Henley Management College, administrator for a business study trip. Totally over packed for that occasion. Does anyone else anxiety pack? You know those, just in case last minute “cram it in the case” “I’m so going to regret this when it get

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