My wish for Christmas with Kindness

This Christmas I am going to give myself the greatest gift. Well to be honest the greatest gift would definitely be a DB9 but hey, for now I'll take what I have planned. For the past 5 years I have put off having my perfect Christmas, instead offering my service to those celebrating in the Lake District, making memories and finding time for rest and relaxation. I've been on call to fit in those last minute 'actually I do fancy a spa day' or 'if i don't get this seen to now' emergencies, and it's been a pleasure to hold space. Yet this year, I'm holding it for myself, taking time not to handbrake turn into Christmas, instead being at home on Christmas Eve to celebrate with family, even go to

How I got my sparkle back

Running your own business, in a busy Lake District Hotel, managing client expectations and colleagues bookings for spa days, is a juggling act most of the time I manage to sustain. The weekend before my Autumn break to Northumberland, after weekends full of wedding celebrations when we might get 1 or 2 Spa Weekend Bookings, myself and Laura between us gave 13 hours worth of appointments in one day. Thankfully I honed my skills many years ago at festivals and know that I can, when needed, pardon the pun, lean in and make the first appointment just as good as the last. However, what I found in the run-up to my last week of work before holiday, I felt I was slowing down, my muscular system tigh

My 2018 Notebook

Much like the year that it represents, there is still a little room for thoughts, notes to self, ideas for actions, sketches and designs, yet in this time before the end of the year my thoughts turn back with a sense of accomplishment. In 2017 I was lucky enough to travel, both to Europe and Asia, a city break and longer hauls, and only now do I feel as if I’m finding the time to reflect, to choose to sit and review. Now before the end of another year I find it very thought provoking, more than ever with the state of our nations and made easier with a notebook that reflects what this year has been like. Heartfelt training courses, conferences, weekly gatherings of like minded people. Reading

City Lights and Mountain Heights

After a stunningly special 18 months, holding space for creative collaborations, I went and had some well deserved me time in Manchester. Christmas markets in full swing, drinking spiced warm gin at lunchtime and taking in the sights and sounds of the city, we had a fine couple of days away. The last Christmas markets I went to was in Bristol 2005, even 2004 to be honest. Proper markets with handmade stuff and gingerbread houses, so it was with some disappointment that I spied the stalls with bought in items stacked high, people bustling to bag a bargain. We took our time to find the gems, the artists, the designer makers, the producers of fine fare instead. And lots of them from Cumbria

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