A long time in the making...

And it seems a long time since now, writing this on a wintry day in January, -3 on the thermometer in the car this morning, and it seems the perfect time to return to the heat of Jodhpur when I first met Nawab Khan. It wasn't quite as cold as today when Nawab Khan and Naved Khan visited in November 2018, his younger brother of course as Nawab would joke with the audience on introducing his son, already an accomplished Tabla player at 15 years old. On collecting them in London, en route to Cornwall to visit Derek at The Healing Tree Centre, I'd packed scarves, hats and gloves, even hot water bottles for extra comfort and over the next two weeks they were an essential part of the team. During

Our Community is global

I m not sure if Linda is a Jon Bon Jovi fan but I'm a fan of Linda's. What she and her husband are aiming to achieve is pretty spectacular and my quote a day notebook seemed perfect for this post. Her passion for the project is palpable, her purpose infectious. As I look out on our world today, with so much destruction, division and chaos, helping to support projects which bring the sense of community as a global family inspires my passion to get involved. What if it was my brother who didn't have enough to eat? What if my father didn't have a daughter to look after him when he was in need? What if my mother was destitute and lonely. And what if it were me? Who would I turn to for help a

Peace by Piece

What else do you do with a tatty summer shirt, old PJs and gifted Liberty scraps? Why, make a quilt my love. And after the New Year I have had its welcome relief, active meditation choosing sequence of fabrics, length of repeats and what colour the border will be. The online updates can wait, all the news from 2018 will soon trickle your way, for now I’m dreaming of different cathedral windows and wondering what all the sewing machine functions mean. Sending thanks to you all for your support in making 2018 another epic adventure and hearty cheer for you to follow your bliss in 2019 too

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