Not in this lifetime

Many people have passed through my life. People I knew as a child, people I worked with as an adult, family, friends, lovers, husband, clien

The Art of Kindness

My inner warrior, injured and battle scarred from the highs and lows of life, my mind, body and soul need to rest and recuperate. And creative arts is my medicine. Piece by piece, peace from piecing, making quilts from fabrics which had a previous purpose, now to adorn in a different function. Creative Arts can be explored in different forms. Taking time to be creative is as important in our fast paced lives as planning for necessary actions. Giving our minds space to reveal hidden depths of understanding. Have you ever spent time totally absorbed to realise that you feel better from either trying to replicate a favoured vista in paint, drawn a simple object, all it’s details, shadows and

Feel the love for longer

It's been a great pleasure this weekend holding space for love. The love of another, the love for friends and giving the gift of time together. Another full Saturday of bookings at Grange Hotel, with couples staying to celebrate Valentine's Weekend, Spa Days for friends on a weekend break, husbands playing golf, ladies reclining in the jacuzzi, catching up and chilling out. And the soon to be newly weds, recently engaged and beaming with love and deep connection for each other, resting and retreating with each other, a share moment to just be. And my gift for myself this Valentine, is to soon retreat to one of my favourite places just to be, to take in a spa day, to walk on the beach before

Mind Diving

Allowing thoughts to fall through the gravity of awareness Falling into being. Becoming. Through the veils of potential realities. Humanness, the equivalent of gravity, pulling them into feelings, giving them value, with personal worth, individual meaning. Like a sunrise, ever changing into shape, formations, different colours, preparing to become. Pulled into shapes of emotions out of our own becoming, out of sync with our inner nature, create other shapes and forms not of our making. To keep our own integral potential, to show our uniqueness, to allow our shape to form is to be truly blessed with a rich existence. In the quietness of the emerging day, as the colours and shapes of clouds ch

Mrs B and Mr G - best practice advocates

April 2019 I will have been at Grange Hotel for four years. I first hired the room on an hour by hour basis, seeing clients who booked with me through word of mouth recommendation or internet searches. I soon realised that hotel guests were also adding to the list of clients. Within a few months the hotel offered me the room on a full time basis. And what an accomplishment in the time since then. Mrs B and Mr G have become first favourites, as well as Mr L who travels many miles on his weekends off, to come and rest and recuperate in the Lakes, visiting me on his way through. Tailor made treatments, each visit a different choice. However what I've found is a wanting to return to that

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