So far, so good?

Since October 2017 I've been writing blogs, receiving praise and reassuring feedback from people who say they like it when a post drops into their mailbox. It started with a trip to India and has continued with insights on wellbeing, Weleda, Grange Hotel Spa news and me, banging on about some such thought or something I'm up to. It does make me wonder, when I get emails I receive and delete without reading, whether you do the same. Recently I sent a note round to our Biodynamic Gardening Group and saw that although 15 had been delivered, 13 where still unopened (phew, just checked and it's only 5 now!) So here is your chance to let me know what you would like to receive. To streamline blog

Something for the weekend

How far in advance do you plan? Why we take a holiday can be for many reasons. Taking a break can be active, restful, convalescing, celebratory, enforced, under duress, dutiful even at times. When you would much prefer to be doing something else or you really feel you don't have the time. I love the saying, which I have just Googled and whether it was a Zen proverb, attributed to Gandhi, a retreat Lama or even a newly qualified Mindfulness Tutor, it still stands the test of time. Whether for 5 minutes or 1 hour, if you don't have the time for your usual timed practice, the saying goes, double it. And why do we call it a practice? Dictionary result for practice /ˈpraktɪs/ noun the actual a

Hands Off

Have you heard of Hands Free or No Hands? Both are advanced touch therapy techniques, taking massage to a deeper level. Allowing you to visit the canyons within yourself, those spaces between bone and muscle, where pain lingers, lurking and creating, holding trauma at it's peak. I trained with Darien Pritchard in Bristol, Hands Free Dynamic Forearm Technique and sounding like those radio presenters, other alternatives are available, and please, let's not get wrapped up with who did what first, when, where and let's concentrate on the why. The most fundamental why is because it is so instinctive. To go from fingertip to elbow in one continuous rhythm is not just a joy to perform, to receive

Spiritual Antennae

On those days when my brain feels foggy, a bit blurred or out of focus I wonder not just what I can do but also why it is, especially if I’m fed, watered and rested. When I see other people, friend or fiend, acting out of character, seeming a little odd, I wonder why. And when inspiration strikes me cold in my step, waves of spine tingling creative flow, not of my making, I wonder. What if we are an antenna for ideas, an invitation to act and as human we have free will. That is why there are endless possibilities and depending on how we act, infinite outcomes and realities. And it all depends what frequency you re tuning to what you receive, when and how clearly you understand what it means

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