Easy does it

Have you ever had that feeling that something is suggesting you just slow down? Take in the breeze for a while, take a different pace. When certain days you get so much done you feel like a superhero contrasting with others you can't seem to fathom how to get dressed. The days when I can see clients all day, feeling as energised in the morning as I do on finishing the day, balanced against the days when I see just the one client. Going with the flow and finding our way has such a huge effect on how we are in ourselves, how we behave towards others, and impacts on the daily choices we make of how we live our lives. Learning to live a kinder life starts with taking the pace of life that is pre

Less Force, More Ease

On a recent Spa Day I booked an hour body massage followed by 30 minute facial, my favourite combination. It's like ice cream, definitely wanted more than 1 scoop but 3 might have been too much for this occasion. During the consultation which felt rushed and a bit awkward, I was invited to get myself onto the couch while I was left alone. Now I'm not sure if it's part of the care package of this particular establishment, but it really doesn't take 5+ minutes to get undressed and lie down, although I still haven't perfected the 'get the towel delicately over your back side' trick without nearly falling off. I tried the 'batman's cloak' approach but then the what seemed to be weighted blank

Light Up Lives

Super excited, I mean even more than Christmas Eve excited about this one. On this day our launch day we would like to invite you to come and join us in Carlisle in June for our inaugural conference Come and join us in celebrating living a kinder way, learn more about how to incorporate the KindSet of being kind to you, kind to others and kind to the planet into your daily routines and rhythms. Nick Haynes will be joining us from Five Institute, with the awe inspiring Vitality Test and much more so visit our Light Up Lives Website to find out more and here's the link to purchase you ticket to the conference - we'll see you there

Creating space...literally

Throw back to this post from last year, and spring again is a time of clearing out once more, yet with a different purpose. Now Light up Lives is firming established in Victoria Hall, the decluttering and clearing out has new meaning and a new resolve, yet the reasons for creating space for ourselves is just as important. I feel thankful for my skills set today, being able to work in absolute chaos, with a steely eye for detail, I can cut through to get the job done successfully. Currently I'm doing just that with boxes of paperwork to shred, old accounts and client records out of storage; a material stash for patchwork to rearrange now I have finally transferred some furniture out of befo

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