Wherever I lay my laptop...

Since 2003 i've been juggling being self employed, sometimes alongside contract work, part-time jobs to keep the books balanced, sometimes little time for self and more full time employed. These past 3 years where I've been totally self employed have been some of the most challenging. Talk about playing the lottery, i stake a claim every day I wake up, gauging how I feel today and whether fear and dread will win out or whether trust and gratitude will champion and set the stage for the day ahead. Today is a good day and one in which I'm thankful for my resolve, steely determination and ability to feel the lightness of life. A day to smell the coffee as well as the roses and give thanks. V

All part of collective growth

No spoiler alert for Hannah at Letterbox Infusions, we often mail each other things, items of interest from our travels, whether local or global, and no, it's not the Blood Orange tea in the picture. After an early start and a business meeting at the bank it seemed rude not to go to one of my favourite places in Kendal for breakfast. Farrer's always offer a warm welcome, beautiful freshly prepared food and the best coffee and tea in town, in my humble opinion. After an excellent scrambled egg on sourdough bread, and don't worry, this isn't going to continue in the vein of a food blog where each molecule of morsels is explained in exquisite detail, more scene setting than waxing lyrical, i v

More than restoring a forest

On a day which felt like summer I ventured west towards the Lake District, passed the turning to Coniston and to Brantwood, onwards on the road to Millom, my journey's end through the Duddon Valley. I've known about the John Muir Trust for a few years now, been a member, received the newsletter, dreamed of visiting the first national park Yosemite each time I travel into the Lake District and think of the lineage of passionate people protecting nature, maintaining our wild places in the world. I've also thought about volunteering yet not managed to find the time. That was until now. “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ― John Muir H

Spa Days in Pregnancy

A new life growing and life is changing for a magical adventure I've been reminded of this blog from last year whilst making arrangements for today, a celebration of life and soon to be two births for our Spa Day today. Massage in Pregnancy at Grange Hotel Spa are carried out by qualified, experienced and caring practitioners who adapt the treatments to suit each pregnancy. Like blossoms, all unique and precious. Carrying a baby is the most important job in the world and, while it’s a completely natural process, sometimes the sheer scale of it can be overwhelming – especially if this is your first baby. We want to encourage you to look after yourself. A little stillness and peace in each da

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