Grand Day out in Grange

The day had been planned after a talk in March. Six ladies from a local Women’s Institute ventured to Grange Hotel for a Spa Day and to sample Weleda Facials. With lunch in the offing and a private lounge to rest in afterwards, the day was set. It’s something I love doing, holding space, these days for many different events. From Spa Days, planned retreating from all the retweeting or last minute ‘get me out of here’ for individuals, the term ‘holding space’ has emerged. It was very prominent in a recent course I attended online for Weleda with Joey Walters, holding space for us to come together as a community of advisors, wanting to go deeper into the spiritual aspects of holding space

Exploring Faith

I’ve been holding space for a group for the past few years. We started in Lancaster as a Cygnus Cafe’s, based on the World Cafe idea, we never had enough people to break out into groups, we just used the time to chat about issues close to our hearts. Thinking about this little group we have has been through some trials and tribulations during it’s time, testimony to how having faith can get your through dark times. As most people thought we were a book club it got easier to agree instead of explaining what we actually were in practice. One of the things I seem to do naturally is to show up for things to happen but even I, with juggling a private practice alongside other work commitments, I

Now you are gone...

... the pain still remains. We talk a lot these days about resilience and at this year's Weleda Conference it will be our theme. Whether through physical or emotional episodes, it is in the quiet moment of reflection we realise how much it means. At our recent Federation of Holistic Therapies meeting, where Helen Harvey gave us an illuminating talk about Trauma in the Body, a lot of us who support people with physical effects of trauma already know the connections to mental discomfort. Reflecting on my own losses, recognising golden moments of resilience, I value my own sense of wellbeing and how I choose to be kind to myself. Thinking of a friend who around this time of year remembers he

Things take time

Things take time in their own time. Each season has it's way to be. Winter restoration turns to Spring planning, Summer abundance to Autumn harvest. If you miss a season of growth wait till the next because we might waste chances for other harvests, lamenting over that which was not for us. Life is about finding out what your harvest will be, what makes your heart sing. One of mine is knowing how a bag of shirts, lovingly prepared, can become a quilt and having the patience to know, maybe it's more of a winter thing. For now I will prepare the ground for other kinds of growth, for more opportunities for our whole community to find out what makes their hearts sing and learning what songs l

Never underestimate

When things turn not so great we sometimes revert to type, the type we think we are or the type we are told we are, either way, it diverts us from the truth. Imagine, there are many things affecting us all the time, we feel those effects, we just might not realise what the source is. If you think that the pull of the moon can effect the massive volume of water of the oceans to create tides, why do we think we arent't going to be affected by the pull of the cosmos, all the planets, known and unknown, may well be coming into effect too. So you have depression, you blame it for a low mood, but what if that low mood was from some other effect. You have a medical condition, diagnosed by a Dr, s

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