It's still with me (Forest Bathing Blog)

I hold space for lots of people, which basically means they have the opportunity to stop the clock watching, take deeper breaths and get rubbed with beautiful oils, other options apply. So when Delyth invited me to her session i was both intrigued and delighted, it was on a Sunday and I was available. So, i took myself over to Arnside Knott, you may have seen it on many a video of mine as Grange over Sands looks over towards Arnside. And there we were, 2 hours of, I wasn't sure what but I was excited to find out more. The Forest Therapy Institute where she is training has been set up to guide people such as Delyth in a training that goes beyond 'getting a certificate'. They have a way of 'ho

Butterfly Collections

There are 'no brainer' and there are good ideas and the no brainers keep on emerging, like butterflies, they come to inspire us sometimes when they are needed the most. Tomorrow I will be launching Who's Dreaming of a 'Greener Christmas' and it's so much easier as a Weleda Advisor. I guess i've been using it since I was 7 when Mum discovered the brand at a conference she went to, and as a professional practitioner I've been using in clinic for 24 years. And now at 50 it's one of my most precious assets, that and fabulous skin. I will be talking about 'why' i am so proud of why we do what we do, why we 'dare to care' and 'dare to do things differently'. Of course there are other brands ava

Stories yet to be told

Stories are a way of bringing the past and future together, a rich tapestry of emotional textures, to reflect on to form dreams. We travel in our minds back to places we have seen for a inspiration for future endeavours. I remember this day well, spending a couple of hours with a photographer I have been waiting to meet, someone who has captured what I offer as a Wellbeing Practitioner in a way that i 'feel' i offer. All those photos for 'clever marketing' will be reduced to the fake news pile that they are promoting. Techniques of a professional "touch" artist, crafted over many years, and many more to come. Thank you Ginny for all the stories I will be able to tell, now I have the visua

Hidden in Plain Sight

"I think therefore I am". Was it Satre? Did he sweat over the saying, waves of thinking, defining the phrase or was it a divine thought, a sudden realisation, a crystallised thought all its own, born out of a still mind. As I typed this at 5.14am this morning after the dog woke me, thoughts leaping around my head as I try to return to sleep. When did we get so hung up on provenance? It has to be proven, tracked, something cannot just be seen as authentic. Or if it is, the reason a known someone thought it, is the reason it is thought of as untrue for some many. Van Gogh, the latest film, the director must be a painter to have depicted a painters life. A force from god to create. A force and

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