Foie Gras or Birdseed

It came to me this morning. Someone asked me why I was offering my event, 'Who's Dreaming of a Greener Christmas' this year. And then the image of birdseed came to mind. My style of promotion is laid back to say the least, more like a bird table, offering seeds of wisdom, advice and care in all things health and wellbeing related gathered over the years in the field, some years literally with the gigs at festivals I've had. The other image that came to mind, was the force feeding that occurs in many industries, the clever marketing, the 'you really want this' adverts that cut deep into our psyche and threaten our mental wellbeing. So, this is your invitation to come and rest a while, find ou

My Full Stop stop

How often do you stop. Proper stop. I mean being kind to yourself to just rest, to just be. Sleep when you feel like it, go to bed when it feels right or nap on the sofa. Listening to the wind in the chimney, sitting in a window seat cloud watching, delighting in the birds flying on the flow of the air, black feathered ravens with green sprigs in their beaks. Dark brown furrowed earth, the vignette effect with deep green trees and accents of yellow ochre bushes. A flash of red berries here and there and the white of the waves of the incoming surf. And the tick, tick, tick of the tide clock, embracing your rhythm for the day. Yesterday i rested, having a "Me Day" at a spa, busman's holida

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