Advice from our Pharmacist

In order to support you, your family, friends, colleagues and associates Weleda are here offering medicines to help you through the current health crisis we are facing. Having the right medicines to hand could make all the difference in keeping yourself resilient or fighting if required. 20% off until further notice ​ Weleda Guidelines and good practices for Covid – 19, Coronavirus The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus. A robust immune system with conscious and frequent handwashing will prove our best defence over the next few weeks. Calendula Soap, Citrus as an alternative hand cleanser, Skin Food for moisture and if hands start to suffer Hypercal Cream ma

So what else do we do...

Spring feels like it's starting to spring yet the cold wind gives that gentle pull back to remember our winter hibernations. I've had a cold recently and it gave me 2 days of bedrest and really weird dream. Not sure whether these viruses are getting more 'mental' and so glad to have nutritious food to support better health. At Prime Wellbeing we host events and offer support for suppliers to delivery high quality products through locally global supply chains. With that in mind I've recently joined Natural Cumbria, a group set up by Hatti who lives in central Lake District, pulling together businesses and services with more conscious consumerism in mind. They have had a couple of markets re

Natural Cumbria - encouragement to live a different way of being

Been waiting all week for today. Not just a day to rest, a day to visit Natural Cumbria Market Day in Windermere, making new friends and relishing all things natural living Hannah’s cake was divine Eva s Organic are launching a hime delivery box scheme of produce direct from their farm north of Carlisle, including bottles of apple juice Thanks Hatti and everyone who had a stall today. I wasn’t able to meet you all but see you next time.

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