Birthday Fundraiser - North West Ambulance Service

After the success of my previous fundraiser for the hospitals within the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust, as it's my birthday this coming weekend I would like to ask for contributions towards care packages for our North West Ambulance service. They have 4 locations and 12 vehicles and I would love to buy them some much needed Skin Food. Sue from Procurement sent this email after receiving the Skin Food from our last campaign... Thank you Catherine you donation has been received. Since speaking with you on the phone our charitable fund team have taken on the task of distributing any kind donations received to the front line staff so I have passed your goods on to them. Once again

Short and Sweet

Well, i'm only 5ft 4, not tiny or tall, yet i'm referring to my blogs. I sometimes get excited when I see blog subjects, I click the link, wait for the page to load, then my heart sinks at the volume of words to wade through. Informative? Yes. Thorough? Indeed. So I guess my blogs aren't blogs? Musings to help you think? Incantations to elicit you to a deeper sense of yourself, creating space through feeling a thought into being So, where will your heart lead you today? Which thoughts will come to mind and what actions may they inspire? A new way of being, a new way of sensing, a remembered way of coming back to you. Yoga on Paper - Lucy Hampson at its core, it's a multi-sensory learning

Bringing it all together

We find ourselves here, another week stretching in front of us, another weekend passed by and I wonder how you are faring? We are finding the time to settle into different routines. Finding things to do to pass the time, doing 'jobs' long overdue, discovering forgotten things and achieving new skills not just of inner resolve. My new office space has come together using camping kit no longer needed for the outdoor events, years of setting up 'field offices' is an old skill supporting a new way of being for now. Friends setting up in similar ways, offering online classes, families supporting by not coming into the living room during the 'live feed'. Who could have imagined our sense of reso

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