Many twists, many turns, many lessons. All of which on reflection, I am grateful for.

This year, in this 2020 year, such comments can be made about vision and knowing. Well for me, this 2020 year sees me celebrating my 25 years in practice. All have brought me here. But for now. Let's welcome in 1995 and my first tentative steps. 1995 - Henley on Thames - ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage The first thing that has struck me is that 25 years ago when I started my studies, I was 25 years old. I remember the birthday card Dad sent me because it struck me of what a milestone a ‘quarter-century” was. That was the May before the September I started the course. Working full time in Educational Administration I loved learning and each term attended an evening class.

Defining the undefinable

Sensing the unseeable Feeling the fabric of life and the forces that sit behind growth Having extra time to watch nature all around, to be able to more easily smell spring blossoms on our daily dog walks, to have space to think. And now I have the extraordinary presence to witness what is happening, not just for us at Prime Wellbeing, but around us, with friends, colleagues, suppliers - there seems to be a sense of renewal, a coming back to the basics of life, a coming together in collaboration that we were too busy to be witness to before lockdown. And I'm relishing it all. If you socially look to the media you'll have seen us on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn YouTube with my Musings of a Mas

Trauma x 7

I had faith that Avocados plants would grown from each of the 3 seeds, just in different ways at different rates and none of them to bear fruit, merely for the love of helping something to grow. This was then and now I have a different outlook, no more washing up looking out into the garden, watching Tess play or the birds feeding. Life has moved on and I have with it, each twist, each turn of the seasons bringing new insights, new aspects to test my faith, to help me question my beliefs. And there are those moments that take you back, to show a reflection of the past, memories remembered, that can take your breath away. How you come away from these thoughts set the tone of our days. But

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