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Sustainable | Purposeful | Responsible

  • Business Training Events

  • Off grid Networking

  • COVID Friendly 

  • Holistic Health & Wellbeing

  • Continuing Professional Development

  • Reflective Practice

  • Supervision

  • Coaching

  • Occupational Therapy Led

  • Environmentally Tuned

  • Locally Connected

  • Globally Aware

  • Culturally Responsive


Environmental, Cultural & Social. 

businesses  sometime forget that without environment, and the people that live in it, they would have no business at all. 

Sustainability is our primary aim. Whether it is environmental, cultural or social.  We know that maintaining the strength of our roots is the only way to ensure new growth. 

Social Aims & Responsibility

Driftwood will provide for those who need access to resources to explore their potential. 

The resource will be Occupational Therapy led and  adhere to HCPC & RCOT codes of practice.


DRIFTWOOD is not a health and social care project, but will utilise evidence, approaches and standards of practice to deliver meaningful projects to those who will benefit most. 

Building a Community 

The centre will be made available to local groups to build strong, productive relationships. 

Community groups often have access to local knowledge that can make the difference between success and failure.  

In our community based work DRIFTWOOD will be guided by local requirements. 

This approach promotes cultural diversity. 

Enabled by a solid business foundation. 

DRIFTWOOD directors are are all business people in their own right and understand the importance of a solid cashflow.

Our ultimate aim is to invest in new businesses and offer Directorship where appropriate. 

This way will build bridges between sectors in alignment with our core values. 

  • Chaos Engineer

    I want DRIFTWOOD to educate, inspire and enable without borders and without compromise. 

    A model for business to connect with greater purpose and activity with local, regional and global communities. 

    An example of what sustainable can be through the application of resourcefulness and intelligent use of technology. 

  • Holistic Therapist

    A place for us all to come back to our senses through creative play, shared spaces and heartfelt healing through music, food and wood fired starlit performance. 

    A voyage of discovery with shared vision, purposeful passion and nourishment for the soul.

    A template for change and future proofed purposeful living. 

  • Strategy Specialist

    Futurist who knows that when people come together it is powerful.


    Practical skill set, grassroots living, big expansive mind.


in the Free State of Flux

if you have a passion for sustainability, business and harebrained schemes! We want to hear from you.

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A need for Action

“There is an ambition crisis among our poorest young people, causing thousands to lose faith in their own abilities and aspirations.”

Professor David G Blanchflower