Swear Away

For years I couldn’t get on with affirmations, even mantras, sayings that people were instructing me to use at some point of my life to better myself, bring wealth or some other kind of desire.

Then the moment of clarity. Someone showed me the way. ‘…then write your own’.

And when you do they have more resonance, can be more effective and you can even have sweary words in – you don’t find that in the stream of endless best selling ‘self help’ rewrites now do you….or do you?

I must admit I love a good swearing session, really helps me vent my spleen, and that’s the point after all. Affirming a way forward, a desire, putting it out there you stand for something, and why not have a the odd F and B here and there. One of my favourite sayings is ‘It either means something or it’s a load of bollocks’ when it comes to ‘new age wisdom’. Well most likely, revisited and misquoted, taken out of context and held up as the authority on a subject.

Be your own author I say, make them as a f**king unfluffy as you like and please, send them to me, i’d love to hear them and how much more powerful they are in helping you.

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