Do we all have hidden beauty?

Hidden Beauty

I think the term is “while I was fixing my hair” in the ladies toilet I was joined by a lady who stood next to me “to fix her make up”. Henna on her arms she proceeded to also fix a spot that was emerging on her chin. I was going to offer Weleda skincare advice, as well as sharing my products, although thought twice due to the potential language barrier and didn’t want to interrupt what was clearly a pleasurable eruption.

Spot suitably administered, lipstick of the deepest red matching the blackest of black mascara, her natural beauty framed by perfect application.

She then proceeded to cover her full head of sumptuous hair, cascading over her shoulders, with a habib, and her hennaed arms, only her piercing eyes visible to the outside world

As I left I pondered how in different degrees we all hide beautiful aspects of ourselves in our own way from prying eyes. How we fix ourselves for our own pleasure, not for admiration from others, how I celebrate my femininity as a woman by wearing beautiful underwear, and no, it wasn’t the brightest of red on this occasion.

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