Nothing to Declare?

Nothing to Declare, are you sure?

Nearly made it through security. Lip balms, hand cream, toothpaste, all Weleda of course, in the little clear bag. And then, a hold up. Called forward. “Is this your bag Madam”. I’d forgotten my Citrus Deodrant Spray, my alternative to hand sanitiser.

Shoes back on and body scan complete, rushed to make team training webinar once through security. Found a corner spot in departure lounge and got all inspired about organising events to show our Christmas kit off and introducing people to the new Autumn/Winter catalogue. Feels a tad strange considering it’s going to be 40’ in Jaisalmer. Yet such beautiful stories of where the raw products are grown biodynamically across the world and all the awards Weleda have achieved for sustainable supply chains. One of the main reasons I’m proud to be a Wellbeing Advisor.

Training complete, through to the wonderful world of smelly stuff and expensive purses, Gucci to the left of me, Clarins to the right, beaming with Weleda glow I sale straight through to the gate.

One thing I love about travelling is seeing all the many faces of the countries we come from, all the different ages of humankind yet to know how similar we all are. No wonder children were getting hysterical, it was surely passed everyone’s bed time by the time we d had late supper on the flight.

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