Everything’s better with Chai

So we ended up with a whole day in Delphi. Our 07.05 train to Jodhpur was never going to happen by all accounts. The hostel first told us, yes yes we have tickets then nah nah, we have no tickets then we sent them to you by email - you didn’t print them? No working computer for us to print and a missed wake up call later, we booked on the next available, 21.15 that night.

They say to expect the unexpected yet I’d never have thought it was this. Months of planning, hinged on someone failing to print a piece of paper.

Everything is better with Chai

Yet without this day we wouldn’t have had time with new friends at Chandan’s Krishna Cafe, sharing food and chai, had some cooling Henna or found a supplier for precious stones for a friend back home. All in all a great first day, although not the one we planned

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