The Blue City


Last time I arrived in Jodphur from Pushkar, after a bumpy bus ride, we were bombarded with offers of lifts at high prices. This time we were wise.

The train left Delphi at 21.15 and we arrived at Jodphur at 9.30, a long night and an early morning roll into one. Hot, a little sweaty and personally feeling battered by the rolling motion of the train, we emerged looking for our hosts, yet knowing that the train was late and hoping that they hadn’t been waiting in the rising heat of the day.

With our 3rd companion, more about ‘it’ later, we squeezed into a tuktuk and journeyed to Kuku Homestay Guest house, close to Mehrangarh Fort. We had been upgraded, ‘up’ being the operative word as it was on the third floor. The Maharani Special, with a view to the fort, with a white cast iron bed we felt the temperature had increased from being in the city.

We freshened up with a shower and a change of clothes, it was time to plan a meeting, a coming together, months, if not years, if not life times, in the making.

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