Our journey to Jodphur had started.

Our journey to Jodphur had started.

After spending the day in Delhi, visiting a jeweller, having henna and a final dinner at the Krishna Cafe, Sonu helped us find a tuktuk driver to take us to the station.

Apart from ripping my trousers, clearly the tuktuk liked me and wanted to hold on, everything was going well. Just about packed all the luggage, more to come on what is in the big case, we hurtled thought the city traffic to arrive at the old station.

We didn’t realise how far it was to walk just to the platform, let alone the length of the train to find our compartment. In a way I’m glad I didn’t know at that time or I would have panicked that we didn’t have time. Without Sonu I’m sure we would have missed the train. He kept saying “quickly now” and gentle encouraged us to keep at a pace

Our tickets told us Colette had the top bunk, I had the middle bunk yet for now we sat on the lower bench, surrounded mainly by men, staring at us, either with smiles or blank faces.

Sonu bought us water and cake, we said our final goodbyes though the rails of the window. A woman sat in the corner smiled such a big smile with a sense of reassurance, any fears were averted.

Our journey to Jodphur had started.

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