Sacrificing Tigers and Sleeping Beauty

Jodphur to Ahmedabad

While my travelling companions sleep I watch the landscape hurtle by. Sometimes stopping, waiting for the line to be clear, signals changing, yellow butterflies playing in the sunshine, elegantly rising in a swirling upward motion, my heart overflows with emotion

A coming home. A coming to. A returning. Listening to Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, watching the sweltering heat of the day increasing, I feel as if I’ve been here before, with friends of old, rekindled passions for music and art, Sacred knowledge shared. As well as jokes and jibs at each other.

Anticipating hooking up with travellers we met in Delhi while we re going to be in Jaisalmer next week, soon to be friends we’re not yet acquainted with. And the next few days. We had planned to go and see Tigers in Ramthanbore Nature Reserve on an early morning safari. To be in the natural environment, listening to and allowing the nature of India to mesmerise us with its beauty. An antidote from the mayhem of the cities. Instead Nawab and Peeyush have invited us to Ahmedabad to see the venue for next years festival. A bit of “work” and then a visit to the Textile Museum with 1000s of exhibits amongst other excursions over a 3 day stay, time to plan together and meet contacts who are going to help us.

So, what do you wear to dinner with a Maharajah? I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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