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Ever since returning from India in March 2017, after meeting Shahid, I have been dreaming of creating a UK tour for Nawab and The Mantra. And accepting an invitation to Ahmedabad is a continuation of that dream.

We were to visit locations for concerts across the city. Sarkhej Roza - a living monument - is a beautiful complex of buildings. At the time when Ahmedabad city was built, which was during the reign of Ahmed Shah (1410-1443 A.D.), Sarkhej was a village with a population consisting of weavers and indigo-dyers who were predominantly Hindu. It became associated with the name of Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, a Sufi saint and a friend/advisor to Sultan Ahmed Shah, who in his later years retired to the quiet environment of Sarkhej, away from the city. The saint lived till he was 111 years of age and was greatly venerated during his lifetime. Myths about his miraculous powers are prevalent even today.

So again our worlds collide. Textiles and music, weaving deep connections even today. Nawab and Peeyush showed us possible locations for concerts, explaining how by the time the festival begins in January, the lake will recede, making a perfect location for seating and the Queens Palace the perfect backdrop for an evening performance.

I could have spent longer there however, other locations where calling to us and it was time to go.

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