Travel Companions, destinations and desires

Journeys start from desires that inspire. India was calling for us to return and we had a third companion travelling with us.

Colette had visiting a desert village in May, north of Jaisalmer, she travelled with a new found friend to visit a village remote in location, yet connected in community. Rich in spirit, limited in resources, she bought food and gifts for the children. A desire was rising in her heart and one her friends in the UK engaged with and were inspired to be involved with.

No just those who wished us well. Everyone who helped lift, carry and place the 24 kilo suitcase, from London Heathrow, via Delhi, Jodphur, Ahmedabad and Jaisalmer. Particularly the man in Ahmedabad.

After not just helping us identify the right platform, he personally sweated his way up flights of stairs, dragging and carrying the case. An angel who came to the rescue. The big purple case finally made it into the hands of a porter for the third change in platform, and after paying the fee he said, ‘my son is in Houston and receives help, it is my pleasure to help you’.

So, what is in the case....all will be revealed the day it finds its final destination.

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