Musical Paradise

A journey to the desert to meet The Maestros.

We have been invited by Nawab to visit Sikander ‘s village to meet his family of musicians. The journey will take us 2 hours from Jodhpur into the desert.

After a weekend of musical delights at RIFF, we feel as if we’re going to the font, where the next generation are emerging from.

Nawab explained that our visit was to be unannounced otherwise they would take great efforts in preparing food and laying out the proverbial red carpet, so in order to reduce the pressure we arrive without prior warning.

We spend about 2 hours going from house to house, visiting each generation and finally meet the maestros who we saw at RIFF, gleefully showing us their official passes

And apart from video and a few phone shots, due to a technical hitch with SD card, I’ll be writing more when I’m home with more quality shots

One revelation has been how being so close, only a few feet away, how the musical vibrations reach further inside, we travel back with a deep sense of healing.

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