Travel Companion

Preparing to travel was easy as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, it was hand selected off the shelf from my shop.

I tend to suffer in the heat so cooling Calendula Spray for any heat rashes was essential. Also used to calm any insect bites after using the Insect bite spray, another essential.

Last time in Delhi I remember the pollution and feeling very unhealthy, breathing in fumes and generally feeling unwell so I packed Rhinodoron Nasal Spray. Used daily as a preventative cure and at times throughout the day as and when I needed a boast.

Our Pomegranate Nail pen and Spa Ritual for a bit of glamour at RIFF 2017, dressed to the nines in ethical and sustainability sourced beauty products, for a clean conscience too

Acknedoron Cleanser for a deep clean and I’ll spare you the photos of the cotton wipes. The grime that accumulates on the skin I felt like bathing in it. And don’t forget behind your ears, you d be amazed. I used a drop of Almond Oil on a damp pad, it really does go a long way, to remove eye make up and followed with another drop after cleansing for a gentle massage. During the day applying one of our refreshing and nurturing creams, as well as Lavera mascara, or at night with a thick night cream, Evening Primrose with its hint of Vanilla is my personal choice for now. I tend to not stick to just one but use either Iris for extra hydration, pomegranate for refining, Rose for nurturing and Evening Primrose for the luxurious sense of wellbeing.

Citrus Deodrant is my alternative to chemical based hand sanitizers with its refreshing smell and active ingredients, including medical grade alcohol. Not just for armpits, great for keeping hands fresh and clean

And last put not least, Skin Food. First launched in 1926, taking 5 years to perfect, we still use the same formula for overall use. Great for under makeup, Adele and models at London Fashion week can attest to its benefits, a skin softener for weary feet, reduces the effects of swelling from frequent flying and excellent when applied around the nostrils as a ‘what bad smell?’ as you inhale extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile.

Also Nakd bars from SUMA, my choice of home delivery shopping, a cooperative established in the 1970s supplying the nation with ethically and sustainability sources products. Great for long journeys instead of biscuits and chips.

And Weleda have done it again, with their lucky dip offer, while stocks last. £50 worth of products to introduce you to the wide range of products, both medicinal and beauty related, for £15. What’s not to love and travelling safe in the secure knowledge of over 90 years expertise.

And not looking bad for it either as my friends say...

Me at this years Weleda Conference, radiating the wealth Weleda brings to my routine for a healthy life style

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