Is it me or is it hot

Over the last few months I’ve been suffering. Feeling itchy and hot, scratching and creating scars. Thankfully with my Weleda products I have not suffered so much however now in the heat of India I wonder, is it menopausal or just the heat of the location.

After blood tests the Doctor thinks I am post and menopausal, and I am rejecting the topical creams given as a preventative measure without justification. There is no clear cause of my itchy symptoms yet they want to prescribe as the advice for an allopathic solution. Instead I watch my diet, keeping hydrated and support myself with herbal remedies and beautiful body oils and creams.

Just now I thought, here we go again, another hot flush. No. The power has gone to save energy for the Diwali festivities in the next few days and the fan has stopped cooling us.

It’s good to identify the possible causes and acknowledge the solution may be other than that which we are being asked to believe will be a cure.

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