Sisters in Stitches

At the KB Cooperative Arts each day Gita and Rani sit and stitch, demonstrating how the beautiful textiles are created. Each day groups of visitors watching from a far, take photos and marvel at their skills. 

So when I was invited to meet them it was with excitement that I sat on the floor, surrounded by their work, drank Chai and witnessed close hand how the blankets are made.

A small sized blanket, single bed size, takes around 10 days to make and after attempting to place a mirror on a sample piece I know now that estimate is after years of practice. I would no doubt take 10 months for my first attempt. 

They laughed, I cried, which made them laugh even more as they tried to cheer me up. I was told that a lot of women come and when they see such exquisite embroidery they cry in remembrance of a mother who taught them to sew. My tears were of deep emotions, welling up to have finally made it to Rajasthan, to see the textiles I have so much admired over the years. From my first gifted cushion cover, now so warn most of the mirrors have fallen off and the stitches undone. 

With new skills, taught to me by my sisters as we now call each other, memories including Rebecca from New Zealand who I’ve met on this trip, I can repair and make good that very same cover for many more years of use.

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