Artist Management

Many years ago I was accepted onto a course to learn artist management. I didn’t take the place, choosing to continue with my career instead of taking a sabbatical to study for the 2 year course. Now I realise how glad I am to have not taken that direction. Instead of managing artists it feels more like introducing people I love the a greater audience.

Sourabh Goswami, a photographer from Jaisalmer, is one of my newest friends. His work is outstanding and he has a natural ability in capturing the essence of subjects he photographs, whatever the subject.

Yesterday I spent an afternoon looking through his collection. Portraits of the faces of Jaisalmer, the quality of his images were extraordinary in composure, use of light and with a subtly few photographers truly master.

He has many photos published in India newspapers however never receives any payment. Such artistry deserves patronage, something we can all do by supporting artists in honouring them with commissions and sales of work.

I shall be returning home with a selection of prints from his collections and relish more of this work to come.

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