Attracting Attention

Sometimes being the centre of attention is rewarding and can give a sense of belonging. Like being with friends who love you, you can relish each other and feel a communal acceptance of the self and the other. Other times attention can be irritating, overpowering and definately uninvited.

And the latter seems to be included in the flavour of my days here in India. Luckily I have my arsenal to ward off such attacks and to recover from the onslaught. Mosquitoes and flies, they seem to love me.

Insect bite spray has been amazing. Easy to carry around and apply and has supported the healing process. I’m very susceptible to bites. Back home Horse flies can flare up into an itchy, hot mass that takes days to lessen.

Calendula Cuts and Graze Spray again had been a welcome relief for calming the heat of the bites too

On the homeopathic front I have Apis for bites, Nux Vom for any stomach issues, the ‘classic Delhi belly’ friend and Gelsinium to calm any anxiety around the travelling to different places, all exciting and fun yet an onslaught to the senses.

Acknedoron for cleansing and fresh ingredients from the grime of the day, combined with face creams to sooth and give a remembrance of home, familiar smells to calm the nerves.

India was a place people put me off travelling too. Noisy, dirty, squalid. Yes, there are those sights, the honking horns deafening your ears as you walk the streets or trundle along in a tuk tuk. The difference in temperature too and being in an Air conditioned room has not just be a welcome relief, it’s been essential to cool myself. Bites can quickly become infected and cause wider issues. Not just by becoming irritated. An irritating irritant.

So I recommend India as a rich, exciting, invigorating country to visit and advice you to make sure you bring those things you know you can rely on. Maybe I could have also packed a piece of wood, thus far I’ve not suffered any ill effects or lost days nursing symptoms.

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