Breathe of life

At breakfast this morning, a warm breeze swaying the decorative saris on the terrace, our host Ashraf, selected music as he often does. A quote a day on the white board by his side, “the Beauty you see in me is a Reflection of you” by Rumi, one of his favourites for morning contemplation. Sparrows on the wing, close at hand looking for toast crumbs.

And then I heard it, as clear as hearing a friends voice, a recognition, a knowing. The sounds made with a wooden flute with the use of breath and finger positions only. Personal as the sound of our individual speech patterns. It was Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

As artists we have uniqueness to share, each with subtle differences yet coming from a source greater than ourselves. If we open to that which is our own uniqueness, life has a flow, a breathe all our own.

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