Darbari Waldorf School

In March my friend had a chance meeting with Jacques, one of the founders of the school at Ali s Fort View Restaurant. She spoke of a kind, gentle man who I wanted to meet. Our paths may cross as he returns to Jaisalmer tomorrow as I leave to return to the UK. In the meantime a visit to the school he helped to create has been foremost in my mind.

We journeyed by tuk tuk outside of the city, the sparse desert looming into view. Workmen tending to the new highway, drilling and placing cats eyes, India’s roads improving for easier travel routes.

We turned onto a dirt road. A small settlement on our right, the school on the left. In its our grounds, a single storey building with two teaching rooms, a teachers room with kitchen and an outside area for classes in the heat of the summer.

And the children. Beautiful children running towards us singing hello and such big hugs. Holding hands we walked the short track to the school.

The day starts with singing, following by maths, English, drawing and handicrafts. Hindi and English, and of course French, fill the air as the school starts another day and new lives are created.

They are trailblazing new ways, with kindness and care of the individual. Rudolf Steiner would be proud.

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