Keep applying it

Soothing salves, like good advice, only aid us if we keep applying it

By the time I arrived in Delhi on arrival I felt pretty chilled. Was it 7 hours at Dubai? Was it the fact I was taking the time to journey, taking it slow and steady, no rush or panic. Either way I felt grounded, not spaced out. I’d taken my own good advice. And more importantly, id applied it.

And it’s left me with a feeling of being cheated all these years. Filled with fears of travelling, of being unsafe, to be on my guard for potential threats.

Know that I wouldnt base jump without a parachute, but where do these concepts come from, these limitations that cease our sense of adventure.

I’ve never felt scared on this trip, choosing rather to see the human being in any ‘others’ I have encountered. Even the guy who clearly had had a bad day either financially, needed a hug or more likely looking at his eyes was on opium, as he wheeled towards me shouting that I should not do business with another vendor. He was the only guy in a month who scared me and not for my life or for my possessions, more energetically, he could have unsettled my sense of well being.

Even being bitten, yes I totally forgot the repellent although I had consciously chosen not to bring the toxic, over priced bug spray, I tended to any bites with ease with my Weleda kit. I did also have Peppermint, Tea tree and Lavender and made my own repellent. However, at critical times I didn’t apply good advice. Like the time I picked up 6 bites in one hit going to the toilet in a restaurant, I should’ve known better and approached with cautious, spraying my way in and out. Lessons learnt and every scar I will be left with is a reminder to follow my instincts, tune into my own sense of wellbeing and not compromise or be swayed by group think.

One particular afternoon I felt I needed a few hours in a cooler environment, the heat was getting to me. Instead we ended up spending more time away from our base. That was the day those peskie flies did their best. A night in an air conditioned room, soothing salve and a good sleep and I was back to having more adventures

If anyone tries to put you off exploring such a beautiful rich and engaging country as India, just ignore them and instead, spend time getting to how what you need and who best you d travel with.

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