Tribal Roots

Travelling to different countries, absorbing different ways of being, can challenge our inner landscapes. Questions loom large as we search for meaning and belonging

At the Darbari Waldorf School we saw two kinds of cultures dancing together, formimg a new way of being

I haven’t met Jacques yet and what I have heard of him is that he is a very kind man. He inspires the children to be kind too. Parents have told him that if the children misbehave he can punish them by hitting, which seems a standard approach.

Something I witnessed myself.

Sitting in the drawing class an older boy was trying to distract me and others in the class. In getting my attention he hit my forehead forcefully. I smiled and encouraged him to start drawing instead. This was the first time I had felt the tribal way of being first hand. I have seen it many times, hitting, pushing, physical forms of dominance, pervading as a cultural

way of living, tribal in its roots.

I choose kindness instead. Lead by example for us all to come together as a conscience community. For positive change.

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