Time travelling with intention

So I am home, jet lagged and little journey battered. Being the 1st to travel from Jaisalmer to Delhi meant I had three flights instead of two.

I had also reduced 19 hours on the train to 2 hours on the plane. The wonders of technology.

As I woke this morning I had purposefully chosen a piece of music I listened to on the train to Ahmedabad.

Colette and Nawab were both asleep, I was wide-awake and purposefully made a memory.

As I listen to the music while the train rocked from side to side I intentionally looked out at the landscape in order to be taken back to that time whenever I want.

I can remember how I felt, so excited, so full of joy, so very happy to be right where I was.

Now listening to this piece of music at home and I recall those feelings, I feel the same, excited and joyful.

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