Work vs Life = Balance?

Sat here in the cold, looking out at the car all iced up, I remember this beautiful day in Jodphur, spent at Rajesthan International Folk Festival, spending time with friends.

People have asked me whether my trip to India was work related or a holiday. And now having been home for these weeks in between, busy with clinics, meeting colleagues and spending time coming back to the UK I realised a great truth.

I used to have work life balance.

Now I have a life. Just that. I'm doing what i'm doing when i'm doing it and that making distinctions between activities segregates. Our lives are our lives, whatever we are doing.

Michael Stone, my great teacher, once reminded us to remember, even the bits in between, when we are waiting for a plan, or when we are preparing a plan to do something. Those moments in between are no different. They are also part of our lives.

So, i go steadily and choose to recognise that these weeks where I haven't done my blog, I haven't achieved a plan, i havent made time to go and have a spa day myself, are all part of my life and good to remember that inner balance is acknowledging it's all OK.

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