Thank you 2017, what a ride

As the calendar turns to winter, on this shortest day, I reflect on the year just been.

Being based at Grange Hotel, who welcome their Christmas guests exceptionally well to rest and relax, means the spa has many visitors. This year I have been booked for Christmas Eve since the end of September and we only have a few appointments left in the run up to the New Year festivities.

2017 has been a year of things coming together, years of thinking and feeling a way forward have now been willed into being. Prime Wellbeing was launched in January in Barrow at a Cumbria Chamber of Commerce event, February saw us at Carlisle Racecourse widening our network with CERT and now the Prime Wellbeing Foundation has its own website, a blog of our month long journey to India and a growing worldwide network. From Cumbria to Rajesthan, Grange on Gujarat, wherever next.

Already planned for 2018 are community events seeing local practitioners offering drop in clinics, pop up wellbeing days in companies and summer festivals. Photographic exhibitions and musical tours, fusing art and wellbeing at events across the country, who knows even globally.

My roll call for heartfelt thanks, goes to the those people who made this year possible and yes, in a professional capacity you got paid for your involvement however, as is the Prime Way, you got the gig because of your specialism and expertise. Something I hope will shone forth when people think of Prime Wellbeing and what we have shown in our foundation year. My hope is to be a standard bearer for the holistic health industry, showcasing the wealth of positive health initiatives and the rewards to be gained by paying attention to your wellbeing.

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