Progress is like watching paint dry...'s all about being patient.

In these days of winter, slowly noticing the days getting longer, my heart leaps with excitement at what lies ahead.

The Mantra Tour has been announced and our followers are growing by the day. Not wanting to give too much away now, it's shaping up beautifully. We hope to cover some ground, from Scotland to Cornwall, all will be revealed soon. Would you like to be informed?

Our roving reporter in Jaisalmer, Sourabh Goswami has moved into his new office in town and already it seems to be a very excellent new location. In the heart of Jaisalmer, by the main gate to the Fort, he's made some very influential new contacts. I"ll wait for him to make the announcement himself.

The festive season feels as if it's coming to an end although we're still seeing people at Grange Hotel taking a well deserved break and taking time for relaxation.

There are some great offers on at present to be fair and with the forthcoming Wedding Fayre this Sunday, its a good time to take a break to the Lake District.

And what of your Wellbeing?

To help and support our local community on 14th February we are starting our Wellbeing Clinics at Grange Hotel in collaboration with colleagues, offering pay what you think it's worth.. good enough for New Jersey's John Bon Jovi Foundation, why not Grange over Sands.

To find out more email us

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