All my troubles seem to converge, take my mind away from the walk I was on, and a calamity occurred. I was out on a dog walk with Tess, standing up at the top of the hill, playfully trying to aim for the concrete on the path. When I used to live in Cornwall i went on dog walks with a friend who was a dog trainer. There she was saying the walk is for The dog, to give them exercise, socialise, smell the breeze, and things like ball throws is really all about them. However, invariably we would end up finding a spot, standing at a distance, and then try to aim the ball at the spot and the loser buys the pints of Rattler in the pub on the way home.

Well this memory came to mind, as I stood at the top of the hill aiming for the concrete and Tess running up and down the hill retrieving the ball. I guess you would call that win-win. She is getting a good run, catching the breeze and I’m having some fun in trying to get my aim in with hand eye dog ball flinger coordination.

In wandering down the path my mind turned back to issues at hand. Bitter sweet, looking at bringing a team of professionals together to offer a truly one stop location for health and well-being programmes for the local community yet having to wait to find out if my contract in my current clinic is going to be renewed. Learning over the years to go with the flow sometimes is very challenging.

So as I was walking down the slope on the other side of the Bowling Green I then found myself falling backwards, both feet had slipped in the mud, arse down I bumped my head. Being a physical therapist, a body mechanic, I then did a series of silly walks that John Cleese would have been proud of, to enliven the fascial tissue to release the tension I could feel building up as a result of the body shock from hitting the ground and yes of course, Tess just wanted her ball and wanted me to throw it for her.

Within minutes I could feel this wobble board of tension and relaxation coursing through my body, like a cat and mouse pursuit. I could feel the tension mounting and then the relaxation enveloping it, releasing and letting go.

Through the evening I was mindful, going with the flow and easing into a sense of recovery both in mind and in body. I had waves of tension crawling up through my neck into my head. No blood, no broken bones, but definitely an internal reaction. And then I remembered, my medicine cupboard.

So before bed I applied and ample amount of arnica salve and used the oral spray. This morning, although aware of residual tension, I took to the bath with arnica soak, something I couldn’t do last night as friends were around for the evening.

I’m not saying that wonder woman has any competition, but I’m definitely feeling more myself and body is feeling recovered. Not bad for the next day.

For many years now I’ve been listening to mysterious universe, podcast from Australia, I called Ben and Aaron the dudes. It’s even known in my family, have you been listening to the dudes again. They reflect on all sorts of things in our world at large and cover a lot of books and articles on medical research. If you’re a plus member you can definitely get more swearing, and more hilarity. One of their latest articles has been about the research of this man who through his career as an optician, looked at the research around light, the effects of light and how through the nutritional value it gives us in plants, how light affects the body.

With this in mind I wonder if the arnica that I use has a higher potency because of the way it has been grown, looked after, harvested and produced into a product that can help me to recover overnight. That to me is the wonder of Weleda.

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