Today I was talking to a colleague and thought, I know what I want when I think of having a relaxing weekend away, time to just chill, a spa, a treatment. And then it struck me.

For too long now I've been drilled down into explaining what I do from what I do not what I offer. Do clients really book me for being an Holistic Practitioner qualified in Body Massage, or do they rebook when they feel the difference 23 years experience brings?

Relaxing together is double the fun

As a friend of mine keeps telling me in terms of marketing; 'sell the sizzle, not the sausage'

So, as a way of answering my own question I thought, who do I want to see, what do they want to receive and when?

And coupled with one of Grange Hotel's February/March Hot B&B Deals the answer is

Couples...for an Ultimate Full Body (2 hour tailored treatments) on Thurs or a Friday or a Saturday...and that's just the start

Daytime sessions for parents between school drop off and pick up - come and relax for the time in between at the spa, have a treatment, lunch then off home with the kids

Evening after work on the way home, dip in the pool, grab a session to ease away the work day, sure way of a great night's sleep

Saturday morning come and have a run, a row (only on the machine, it's not an olympic pool). deep tissue repair session then a chill in the jacuzzi, sauna then off to conquer the shops

The list is endless and each session is as unique as we all are. So, what would you choose and when are you visiting?

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