I have been very cynical for a very long time. Thinking that it’s the new craze, something to sell more bums on cushions, the next set of emperor’s new trousers. Last year at Glastonbury festival I was up for starting a revolution. “Let’s stop talking about mind less ness” we laughed into our whole wheat nutritious definitely not Thank gluten free breakfast. Mine was the double espresso black coffee. Sad to think that a lot of life is now seen to be related to what we can get out of something, what sells more units, if it gives us some gratification, if it makes us feel like a better person. In some ways it seems to have replaced some forms of community worship, attending without any other connection then duty or lack of defiance against a greater authority. The authority now seems to be whether we seem to be seen to be trendy, en vogue, fashionable, in with the In Crowd. And I guess I myself have been in my own exclusive club which seems to be in opposition, dutifully upholding the ideals and likewise missing out on the real truths. Unconscious chewing gum for the brain, leaving us wanting. At our recent biodynamic course at the plot in Ulveston we talked about the word esoteric. A word, such as the practice of mindfulness, that has been misinterpreted for years. The word means hidden. And maybe the knowledge was hidden for a reason. I totally applaud all of the information gathering so many people are doing, yet I would caution and suggest more reverence to yourself in the first instance. If you do not know the hidden depths, how can you be aware of the potential harm or have the awareness of sensing divine clarity. I have always been one to tell it how it is, my friends who know me well sometimes raise an eyebrow or even maybe two. And yes since I was little I have felt passionate about the truth and walking on a path that feels genuine. So I signed up for a mindfulness course, to see what it was all about, because I trusted the words of Michael Stone, my tutor of many years now. I was invited to be part of an online video-based course which I have been doing for the last seven weeks. And yet again, I find those hidden depths and realise another truth has been uncovered. Mindfulness has been a part of the practice of many different cultures throughout time, as a foundation stone for wellbeing, and although I’ve been calling it something else, I’ve been doing it for years.  

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