More or less

Spare a thought for those more affluent than you, you may be the reason.

Spare a thought for those less affluent than you, you may be the reason.

Spare a thought for the patterns of our lives, where we rise to we can fall from,and after fall we can spring back.

And in between there does need to be a winter, maybe of discontent, the time to hibernate, celebrate, refresh and renew. And then there comes a time when spring needs to blooming well hurry up because quite frankly we need some sunshine to warm our heads and lighten up our hearts.

The spare a thought angle came to me this morning while walking through the cemetery opposite where I live. The Mindfulness course I’m studying, this ancient wisdom seeing a new revival in boardrooms all over the country, is inspiring me to have deep thoughts and new connections.

The idea of having more or less is really the ebb and flow of life, the patterns we see in nature when the Earth hibernate in winter and is abundant in summer. The transitions to both full experiences, autumn and spring, those changes that occur, and the time we need to allow for that to happen.

So the idea of keeping our conscious mind in the present instead of falling back or jumping forward, really being aware is the tight rope of our mental well-being, and a good lesson to reflect on.

So let us spare a thought that our efforts and endeavours today may be preparing the compost for someone else’s harvest we can all celebrate in time. We are all playing some part in the story of all our days, and I choose to fill mine with kindness.

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