The day to celebrate motherhood

I apologise for today. Sundays, generally the only day a week I get to wake up without an alarm, take the day as it comes, after a week of looking after others. So when a special day falls on a Sunday I am always in two minds. Do I put the care of others before myself and have a day off in the week? Or do I turn to Sundays, the day I find to be gentle and enriching in its quality, to offering appointments for people to celebrate? Last weekend I did make it happen. There were three ladies who came to the hotel for a spa day and I saw two other people before and after. So it is possible, and a question of better managing my diary, so if you would like to treat your mother or any other day than today you’re more than welcome.

And if Sunday’s is your only day off too maybe thats a very special reason to turn up

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